Arteria Customer Services will be responsible for providing customer services to Tauron.. 

As a part of a long term contrat, ACS will be tasked with answering up to 25 000 calls a month, for the second largest company from the PGE Group


The consultants working on the project will be responsible for::


- providing information,

- consultancu,

- adjusting contracts of current Tauron clients,

- post-sales support, 

- processing queries,

- processing technical and sales claims.


This project will allow ACS to use their full potential and competences shaped during years of gaining experience in the customer service sector. It's worth noting that this is an another project of such importance in the company's portfolio. 

We are happy that Arteria Customer Services' profesionalism helped them in gaining a business partner of such importance to the Polish energy sector.. 


Visit Arteria Customer Services official website.