Arteria Customer Services, a part of the contact center division of Arteria Group, has been selected to provide customer support for PKP Intercity - one of the largest Polish providers of railroad transport services.

Arteria Customer Services Arteria Management Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. will be responsible for providing comprehensive support to passengers, who have chosen to travel with PKP Intercity.


Our consultants will be providing support via email and telephone. The team assembled for this project will consist of 100 consultants and a select group of managers responsible for coordinating ongoing operations. The estimated volume of inquiries our team will have to handle is approximately 50,000 phone calls and 14,000 emails per month.


ACS will be responsible for handling a full spectrum of passenger service-related tasks, including providing information about schedules, potential delays, ticket prices, and discounts.


Additionally, our consultants will also be responsible for handling reports of lost items and requests for video survailance footage.


One of the key tasks awaiting the ACS team will be providing support to passengers with disabilities. This involves verifying platform heights along the travel route, checking the availability of suitable train cars, and providing assistance at specific stations, with the assistance of PKP Intercity staff. Even if unforeseen events lead to changes in the train composition, our consultants will help find alternative solutions.


We are delighted that Arteria Customer Services Arteria Management Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. has been selected for such an important and large-scale project. This serves as a testament to the competence and experience that our company can proudly showcase in its industry.


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